Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video and Lyrics Will Make ARMYs So Emotional (2024)

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Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video and Lyrics Will Make ARMYs So Emotional (1)

Image Source: YouTube user HYBE Labels

The time for BTS's oldest member, Jin, to enlist in South Korea's military — as all able-bodied Korean men of a certain age must — has come. It's a bittersweet moment for BTS and their fans, as he'll be separated from his bandmates and ARMYs for just under two years as he completes his service. That's likely why Jin is leaving fans with the most thoughtful gift to thank them in advance for their steadfast dedication as they wait for his return: his first official solo single, "The Astronaut." The song dropped on Oct. 28, and now that it's here, fans will undoubtedly get emotional as they analyze the lyrics and break down the beautiful music video shot for shot.

On Aug. 18, just a day after Big Hit Music confirmed each member of BTS will enlist in the Korean military starting with Jin at the end of October, it announced Jin will also release a solo single he cowrote with Coldplay. While Jin has released solo songs as part of BTS's albums, on special occasions, and just for fun (we're still jamming out to "Super Tuna"), "The Astronaut" marks his first official solo musical endeavor.

"BTS member Jin's first official solo single, 'The Astronaut,' will be released. . . . Since it's a song made with so much love toward the fans, we hope 'The Astronaut" can be a gift to all of you,'" the Weverse announcement read. "We also prepared various promotions for the fans throughout the preparation process of this single. Please show a lot of anticipation and support for this promotion, where you can meet various sides of Jin."

One of those various sides will be displayed when Jin hits the stage to perform "The Astronaut" with Coldplay in Argentina, which Jin announced on Oct. 20 through screenshots of a sweet text-message exchange with Chris Martin on Twitter.

Read on to watch the "The Astronaut" music video, read its lyrics in English, and learn everything there is to know about how you can support it (including watching his first performance from your hometown).

Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video

Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video and Lyrics Will Make ARMYs So Emotional (2)

In Jin's "The Astronaut" video, he portrays a humanoid alien who's living on Earth and doesn't fit in anywhere he goes. His only respite is a little girl he's befriended in his neighborhood who he rides bikes with and who draws him pictures. When Jin sees a blinding light in the distance from his house, he knows that a spaceship has come to take him to his home planet. Jin travels out to the desert to catch it, but at the last minute, he remembers a drawing — presumably gifted to him by his friend — of them riding bikes on Earth with the word "home" scribbled above it. This prompts him to change his mind, and as the UFO rises into the air to take flight, he runs away and hitches a ride back to his home. In the video's final shot, Jin fills in a crossword puzzle (incorrectly) with words like, "astronaut," "family," and "ARMY" as he smiles into the camera. Fans believe the video symbolizes that Jin found his home in ARMYs.

Jin's "The Astronaut" Lyrics in English

You and me
An unending history
Oh, you became my universe
The story of us
Like that asteroid drifting by without a destination
I, too, was just drifting along
Every dream I found in the darkness
Starting anew this story

When I'm with you
There is no one else
I get heaven to myself
When I'm with you
There is no one else
I feel this way I've never felt

You and me
Like a star that doesn't shatter
Becoming your dream
To travel throughout the universe
Just as the Milky Way shines upon the darkest roads
You were shining towards me
The only light found in the darkness
On my path to you

When I'm with you
There is no one else
I get heaven to myself
When I'm with you
There is no one else
I feel this way I never felt

I feel this way I never felt
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

When I'm with you
There is no one else
I get heaven to myself
When I'm with you
There is no one else

A life, a sparkle in your eyes
Heaven comin' through

And I love you
And I love you
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Jin's "The Astronaut" Performance

Jin will perform "The Astronaut" for the first time alongside Coldplay at their live concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Oct. 28. The cowriters made the announcement on Oct. 20 by sharing a text-message exchange where they planned the collab.

"I heard that you announced your single, that's so cool," Martin wrote to Jin. "If you can get permission, would you like to come to Argentina next week and sing 'The Astronaut' live with us? We have a live broadcast on October 28, and if you were there we could play the song for the first time." Apparently, Jin played a big role in the creation of the song from the start, as Martin added, "Thankyou for inspiring the song. When we spoke about you having to leave for a while and missing the band and your fans, it was really powerful. I think the song found its way because of that conversation."

Jin responded with an enthusiastic yes, saying, "Thank you so much for working so closely on this song with me, and listening to my opinions every step of the way. I feel super honored to have worked with you, my superstar, my bro. And performing this song in Argentina sounds amazing! I will make it happen no matter what because you are my superstar."

Jin said he would begin preparing for his trip to Argentina now, since it's a 40-hour flight from Korea.

How to See Jin and Coldplay's "The Astronaut" Performance in Theaters

If you can't make your way to Argentina in person in a week, don't worry. Coldplay's concert will air live in theaters throughout the US on Oct. 28. For tickets and showtimes in your area, visit the Coldplay Cinema website.

How to Preorder Jin's "The Astronaut" Physical CD

You can preorder the CD for "The Astronaut" (which is available in two versions) for $16-$20 through the following US retailers: BTS's official store, Target, Weverse, and Amazon. All digital and physical sales (from US retailers) will count toward the Billboard charts.

What Does Jin's "The Astronaut" Physical CD Come With?

As Big Hit promised, Jin prepared all of the goodies ARMYs have come to expect from BTS's releases. Both versions of the album will come with:

  • Out Cover (one of two versions)
  • Booklet (one of two versions)
  • Lyric Card
  • Postcard (one of two versions)
  • Poster (one of two versions)
  • Seal Sticker (two of eight versions)
  • Graphic Sticker
  • Photocard (one of two per version)
  • CD-R (one of two versions)

Jin's "The Astronaut" Sneak Peek

On Oct. 26, Coldplay released a snippet of "The Astronaut" on Twitter, and it's out of this world. "When I'm with you, there is no one else, and I get heaven to myself. . . . I feel this way I've never felt," Jin sings on the track, which appears to feature background vocals from Martin. Take a listen ahead!

Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video Sneak Peek

The sneak peek of the music video for "The Astronaut" features Jin sitting on a mountain overlooking the destruction caused by a massive UFO crashing down on Earth.

Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video and Lyrics Will Make ARMYs So Emotional (3)

Jin's "The Astronaut" Poster

The poster for Jin's "The Astronaut" was shared on BTS's Twitter on Oct. 18. Fittingly, it's a simple image of a huge galaxy of stars.

Jin's "The Astronaut" Teaser

On Oct. 18, a video was posted to BTS's Twitter featuring a lone astronaut (seemingly representing Jin) floating endlessly through space before reaching a beautiful, blinding light.

Jin's "The Astronaut" Music Video and Lyrics Will Make ARMYs So Emotional (2024)


Is astronaut by Jin a hit? ›

It topped the corresponding issue of the Digital Song Sales chart, for the period dated October 28–November 3, 2022, and became his third number-one on the World Digital Song Sales chart. With this, Jin rose to number one on the Emerging Artists chart for the first time, surpassing his previous peak of number four.

Did Jin get kicked out? ›

Taking to Weverse, a fan told Jin, "After watching all the series videos I could see how much fun you had and that you were serious about your PowerPoint." In response, the K-pop star revealed, "I got kicked out because I failed negotiating my yearly salary. because I asked for as much as bighit."

Did someone throw a bra at Jin? ›

There are several versions to this story and one of them suggests that Jin was attacked with a toy and not a bra. However, most fans were just as critical about the situation as the BTS members as social media platforms flooded with opinions on how wrong the anonymous ARMY was to pull off such an explicit stunt.

How many streams does Jin The Astronaut have? ›

In a remarkable achievement, Jin's captivating song 'The Astronaut' has reached another milestone by surpassing 200 million streams on Spotify.

Did Super Tuna hit Billboard? ›

All three songs debuted at the top of this week's Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart. “Super Tuna”, “Abyss” and “Tonight” entered the chart at No. 1, No. 2, and No.

What song did BTS Jin sing on the Billboard? ›

BTS' JIN Scores First Hot 100 Solo Entry With 'The Astronaut' | Billboard News. He's the fifth member of BTS to earn a solo hit on the Hot 100.


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