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K5 worksheets are the topic of our blog post today!

I am introducing you to a good platform where you can access a wide variety of K5 worksheets: K5 Learning. This is a platform that offers free printable worksheets for students in kindergarten to grade 6.

These worksheets cover the following major areas: reading, math, science, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and cursive writing. K5 Learning worksheets are available as PDF documents with answer keys usually in the second page. You can access these learning materials without the need for registration.

K5 Learning is easy to navigate and depending on the worksheet category you are searching for, most of the worksheets are searchable by grade and topic. The following is a short review of each of these categories:

1. K5 Worksheets: Learning Science

K5 Learning offers printable PDF science worksheets with answer keys for students in kindergarten through grade 6 and cover three major areas: life science, earth science and physical sciences. Topics covered in K5 Learning science worksheets include bodies, weather and seasons, plants, nutrition, animals, forces and motion, energy, light and sound, and properties of heat.

2. K5 Worksheets: Learning Math

K5 Learning offers free printable math Worksheets with answers keys for learners in Kindergarten to grade 6. These worksheets cover ‘the full range of elementary math skills’. You can browse these materials by grade or by topic.

Some of the topics covered by K5 Learning math worksheets include Numbers (e.g., learning numbers, counting, place value, rounding, Roman numerals, etc), Fractions and Decimals, Measurement (e.g., money, time, etc), Operations (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, drills and practice, etc), Geometry, Exponents, Proportions, Algebra, Integers, Word Problems, and more.

3. K5 Worksheets: Learning Reading

K5 Learning offers a wide variety of printable reading worksheets to help students improve their reading skills and boost comprehension. There are ‘over 100 free children’s stories followed by comprehension exercises, as well as worksheets focused on specific comprehension topics (main idea, sequencing, etc).’

You can browse K5 Learning reading worksheets by grade (K-5) and by topic. Some of the topics covered by these reading worksheets include: children’s stories, compare and contrast worksheets, main idea and supporting details worksheets, sequencing, story elements, conclusions and inferences, context clues, cause and effect, fact vs fiction, fact vs opinion, prediction, and figurative language.

4. K5 Worksheets: Learning Vocabulary

K5 Learning features printable vocabulary worksheets for students in kindergarten to grade 5. The worksheets include a wide range of exercises designed to help students practice and enhance their vocabulary learning, word usage, and word recognition.

K5 Learning also offers printable reading flashcards to help students learn ‘critical phonics and reading skills including sight words’.

Examples of these reading flashcards include: Prefixes and Suffixes flashcards (help students learn about prefixes and suffixes), Multiple Learning Words flashcards (help students learn about the words that have identical sound and spelling but different meanings), Fry Sight Words flashcards (includes over 1000 sight word flashcards to help with learning common words used in teaching reading, writing, and spelling), and more.

5. K5 Worksheets: Learning Grammar

K5 Learning offers free printable grammar worksheets to help students in grade 1 to grade 5 learn the basics of English grammar. Some of the topics covered by these grammar worksheets include nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, sentences, punctuation, and capitalization.

6. K5 Worksheets: Learning Cursive Writing

K5 Learning offers this useful collection of handwriting worksheets to help students learn penmanship and practice writing cursive letters, words, sentences, and whole passages.

How Much Do K5 Learning Worksheets Cost?

K5 Learning worksheets are available as free PDF documents that can be accessed by anyone with no loginrequired. However, becoming a member offers you access to more features and members-only content.

Some of these exclusive features include: removal of grade levels, worksheet previews, ability to print entire sets of worksheets, ability to bookmark favourite worksheets, separation of question and answer sheets, and more. Individual membership costs $23.95. K5 Learning also offers school licenses which start with $265/year per site.

Final thoughts

Wrapping things up, K5 Learning offers a plethora of unique features aimed at making the educational journey more efficient and customized for both individuals and schools. Whether it’s the ability to remove grade levels for personalized learning or the convenience of bookmarking favorite worksheets, K5 Learning is designed with the user in mind. These features offer flexibility and customization that meet a range of needs.

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K5 Worksheets - Science, Math, Reading, and Vocabulary Worksheets - Educators Technology (2024)


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