Kate Flannery Talks AT&T Network's Delightful The Office Reunion in Sleep with Rain Campaign (2024)

Kate Flannery discusses the fun reunion of The Office cast in AT&T's new commercial for AT&T Network

You aren't going to find too many shows with a more devoted following than Then Office, and that devotion extends to the show's talented cast as well. Since the show's finale in 2013, the series has only grown in popularity, and fans are always eager to see the cast reunite whenever possible. Enter AT&T, who brought six members of the cast together for a delightful new campaign fittingly titled Sleep with Rain. The campaign and commercial showcase AT&T Business and the extended features and reliability of the AT&T Network, and features Kate Flannery, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Brian Baumgartner, and Creed Bratton as they attempt to launch Rainn's new project Sleep with Rain. ComicBook had the chance to speak to Kate Flannery all about the project and why Meredith and the crew were the perfect choice to showcase what the network can do.

"This was such a joy. I have to say. AT&T really took good care of us and I just felt like we just got back into the rhythm that we all have with each other," Flannery said. "Even though it's been 11 years since The Office was last filmed, it was just great to be in the same room with each other and I don't know, I just think this campaign is really fun."

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Flannery is in charge of fixing problems, with the apt title of The Fixer, but in reality, she's just really there to use the speedy internet and download as much as possible, and really, it's the best role in the whole operation. "Absolutely. The true Fixer, and also probably the one person that's having the most fun. What else? And yes, I managed to use this AT&T 5G to stream all these videos and have a great time. And it's like literally I'm just there for the free internet. There's nothing wrong with that. It's pretty fast."

The campaign weaves in the actual elements of the AT&T Network like data speeds and backup services through a comedic lens, centering around the launch of Rainn and the team's new product. Hilarity ensues and you do have someone trying to break down a door in armor mad of pillows mind you, but the benefits of the network are still highlighted throughout. "It's so true, I know. I just feel like this whole thing was just a home run from start to finish. And obviously so great to see everybody and I don't know, I just think audiences are just going to plug right in," Flannery said.

That particular moment was a highlight for Flannery as well. "Well, yeah, I think Craig being a human giant running pillow was pretty great, but I also think just all of us laying on a table asleep, which is so nuts. And also just me getting to be a wise guy. And again, I feel like we all sort of know our rhythms and our place, and it's just really fun to get to play together again" Flannery said.

As for downloading things all the time during the launch, it does form a connection with Meredith. "It's enough larceny in me, trust me, it's real. That's one thing I have in common with my Office character. Yeah, it's true," Flannery said.

Fans love seeing the cast of the show get back together, but rarely do they have a chance to see so many in one place. For Flannery, it's been amazing to see the response from the fans, and it's really become it's own culture.

"It's awesome. I will tell you, we have the most loyal and amazing fans. I feel like The Office is a culture. It's because people, they say they leave it on and it's their comfort. And I'm happy to represent. I really, really am. And sometimes when we're at conventions, people will dress up like us for Halloween, and it's sort of the ultimate compliment to be represented by people that really respond so much to what we've done in the past. It's fantastic," Flannery said. "And that's why I feel like AT&T is really smart to have us help promote their product. Their business model is fantastic. And I think it's so funny that there's this talking pillow that there's Rainn's voice coming out of it. He's like a soothologist, soothing people. It's pretty funny. I don't know. I just think once again, it's like everything we've done before sort of informs this present project and hopefully future stuff too."

Kate Flannery Talks AT&T Network's Delightful The Office Reunion in Sleep with Rain Campaign (2)

You can learn more about the AT&T Network right here, and you can find more from Flannery on her Instagram page right here.

What did you think of the AT&T Office reunion for Sleep with Rain? You can talk all things The Office with me on Threads and Twitter @mattaguilarcb!



Kate Flannery Talks AT&T Network's Delightful The Office Reunion in Sleep with Rain Campaign (2024)


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